Install and configure Sitecore DMS

Here are some basic steps to install/configure DMS (with SQL server).

  1. Download DMS zip-archive for SQL Server from the CMS and DMS Downloads page.
  2. Unzip this file and we will see analytics database and few config files.
  3. We need to attach this analytics database to our SQL server.
  4. Now add analytics database’s connection in ConnectionString.config file as shown below.
    <add name=”analytics” connectionString=”user id={username};password={password};Data Source={server};Database={Database_Name}” />
  5. Copy all config files (Sitecore.Analytics.config, Sitecore.Analytics.ExlcudeRobots.config) to the /App_Config/Include/ folder. In case of Sitecore 7.2 also copy the Sitecore.Analytics.RobotDetection.config file to the/App_Config/Include/ folder.

These are the basic steps to configure DMS in Sitecore site. You can find more information here

In next blog I will show how we can view analytics reports.

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