Increase Limit of items in Multi-list field of Sitecore

After A long time I am back to write something here for Sitecore Community. I didn’t stop sharing good things but I change the place for sometime and I was writing good blog posts you can read it may be helpful.

Today I am writing about a small condition or setting which I recently came across, Increase the limit of items in Multilist field.

How about we came to address this point. We have created 200+ items under single node and on another item we created a Multilist field. Now we need to assign the datasource of this multilist field to show all the 200+ items which we have created earlier.

We started with basic approach to assign the datasource by Sitecore query. And here we came to know that only few items are showing in Multilist for selection not all. From here we started thinking what could be the reason for same and as we know if we are using Sitecore query so there is a limit setting defined in sitecore.config to control the no of items in query as given below.

<setting name=”Query.MaxItems” value=”100″ />

We increased the item limit from 100 to 1000 and after making this changes we are able to see all the items for selection in Mulitlist field.

Sometime a small setting can save your lots of time.

Happy Coding!!




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